What is KubeCamp?

KubeCamp is a 2-day on-site instructor-led bootcamp for Kubernetes. It is supposed to be an intensive training covering a wide range of topics to help give you a solid foundation on Kubernetes.

What’s the value of KubeCamp vs other training programs?

KubeCamp focuses only on 8 attendees at a time, to ensure each participant really gets the attention needed. We are strong believers of learn-by-doing! This is why the majority of the event is dedicated in doing hands-on examples, which differs a lot from presentation-first training sessions.

The value of KubeCamp is that attendees leave the session by having hands-on exposure to real-life scenarios instead of theoretical knowledge.

I am entry-level with Kubernetes, can I participate?

Yes! The first day assumes zero knowledge of Kubernetes and guides you through the basics and the fundamentals you need in order to develop a good understanding of things. However basic terminal/shell, app development and Docker knowledge is assumed for any participant.

How many people can attend KubeCamp at the same time?

It’s intentionally kept to a very low number of attendees, specifically 8. The reason is to ensure each participant gets enough attention from the instructors.

What about lunch, coffee and snacks?

These are included in the price and we’ll cater for any alergies or special meal requirements. Just let us know in the commends when making your booking.

Coffee and snacks are available during the day.

How can I book a seat?

Just follow the payment link that we have posted in each announced event page! You can checkout and guarantee your site straight away.

If you are purchasing as a company, there is also payment possibility via SEPA transfer - get in touch with us at hej [at] 42eleven [dot] com for the details!

How can I get in touch with the organizers?

We’ll be happy to receive your email with feedback, special requests or just about anything at hej [at] 42eleven [dot] com!