Ioannis Dritsas


Ioannis Dritsas, aka dreamPathsProjekt, since discovering the world wide web, drew the parallels between the ancient “Aboriginal routes of dreams” (Dream Paths) and the digital connected world of abstract thought and collective soul that was the early web.

Started his early career as a web back-end software engineer, before discovering Docker, Kubernetes and the world of containers in 2017. Since then he has been involved in multiple roles and positions, ranging from cloud-infrastructure software engineering, to SRE and back.

Currently he is the infrastructure lead of Corsmed AB, slowly but steadily, helping to disrupt the medical imaging simulation field and bring affordable and commoditized early diagnosis to as many people around the world as possible.

His specialization and interests are deeply rooted in Kubernetes and the CNCF landscape, with experience such as self-hosted clusters, scalable enterprise environments, real-life minimal-downtime legacy migrations to K8s, meeting enterprise, compliance standards and requirements, and a weird knack for getting deep in the hard problems of stateful applications, container storage, clusters and distributed databases. Lately his focus is on treating K8s as a potential common language across managing infrastructure resources and the cloud landscape and a promising platform to build, much needed abstractions on top, with the goal to bridge the communication gap between development teams and cluster administrators.

Konstantinos Livieratos


Konstantinos Livieratos, or koslib, known for his expertise in cloud software, has been intrigued by the world of technology since his early years, viewing the digital landscape as a universe of endless possibilities and discovery.

His professional journey began as a System Administrator, where he honed his skills in server management and network security. His curiosity and dedication led him to diverse roles in software engineering always with a focus on blending software and infrastructure.

Today, Konstantinos is on the frontlines of the tech industry, contributing to the security of websites and systems worldwide. He is making strides in the realm of cloud software applications, building scalable solutions and establishing strategic partnerships in the cloud sector.

Konstantinos’ expertise spans from system administration, cloud architecture, to network security and software development. His extensive knowledge is backed by notable certifications, such as AWS Solutions Architect - Associate and CKAD: Certified Kubernetes Application Developer’, which solidify his standing as a leader in the field.

With a strong focus on cloud technologies and Kubernetes, Konstantinos has proven his ability to navigate complex software landscapes and deliver robust solutions that address the needs of both corporate clients and tech organizations.